What are the plans for the following years?

On 12 October 2021, the Innovating Knowledge project team released the final version of the database of the early medieval manuscripts of the Etymologiae (this release corresponds to the datasheet v2.0 on the project’s Outputs page). This final release followed an earlier release of a beta version on 8 April 8 2021 (datasheet v1.0). The database version released in October 2021 represents the end-product of the three-year research project funded by the Dutch Research Organization (NWO) from February 2018. Since the funds for the development of the database were exhausted in 2021, the final version represents the final stage of its technological growth and improvement. This means that no new features nor a major re-haul can be expected in the future, at least unless additional source of funding can be found to initiate Innovating Knowledge 2.0 project.

Nevertheless, the Huygens Institute, where the database is currently hosted, agreed to maintain the database for ten years after the project’s end, until 2031. As a part of the agreement with the Huygens Institute, the database can be updated every year. While such updates may be difficult to carry out in long term, it is hoped that new manuscripts can be added and adjustments and corrections to extant entries can be implemented periodically at least for several years.

2022 update
2 August 2022
Corresponds to datasheet v2.3.2
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2023 update
23 September 2023
Correspond to datasheet v2.3.4
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If you feel that the database could benefit from other improvements and features, let us know.